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  • Why is this a blogue, not a blog? It’s just an old-fashioned touch that harkens back to less-hurried (and harried) times, when a letter took a while to get delivered, and a reply took a while longer. When books were savored for their precious rarity. When news came in slowly for the most part and could be thoughtfully considered. A rapid-fire flow of constant info-junk tends to make me twitchy. When you visit my blogue, I invite you to take a nice deep breath, absorb things a little at a time, wander in a serendipitous fashion, and generally remember that even in the ultra-speedy world of the Internet, you control the pace of your life.

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January 20, 2009



Awesome photo - and very apropos chant!

Beth Owl's Daughter

How perfect! I also was really sensing how it must be to have 2 million souls, all wide open and pouring love and good energy to you, as you pass through their midst.

Big Magick!

May those blessings sustain and empower Great Good for many, many years to come.

Kris Waldherr

Lunaea, that is such an intense image! I loved that Obama's daughter had a camera to take photos of what she saw -- bringing it full circle from our experience as a nation to their experience as a family.

Also, you've won the Butterfly Award for excellence over on my blog here:


Squirrel Mama

Lunaea, I'm sorry to intrude on your blogue but I don't know how else to reach you. I have tried writing to you via your lunaea.com email address and also your thesilverbranch.org email address but both are bouncing back to me, saying my emails are undeliverable. I have my Ninth Wave application filled out but don't know how to send it back to you. Maybe you could advise me. Thank you.

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