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October 10, 2008



I love Angelina for having the courage to be a Woman!!!

Subtle, warm, nourishing breasts; the complete sustenance to life of many creatures on earth, yet the strangest creature humans dictated by a few zealous for the masses believes that breasts are for the sole arousal of sexual pleasure.

Recently in Vancouver a mum stirred up H&M with her breast feeding in the shop. She was asked to move into the change room as not to offend the customers, who are predominantly female. I had the biggest laugh when 100+ breast feeding mum’s showed up the next day. The original woman has made a formal complaint to the human right commission.

Ironically, in Canada woman can lawfully expose their breasts. Ah but to nurish life?

I am a supporter of Womynism.


Why is this controversial at all? Several topless (and bottomless) ladies have appeared upon the pages of W...strange.


Well, apparently, part of the "controversy" is that Angelina is known as a sex symbol, so if she shows her breasts it has to be in a sexual context, therefore she is making breastfeeding somehow sexual, which is not a good message to have on a magazine cover. Madonna/whore, anyone? She can't be a sexual woman AND a mom? (Of course, being sexual is what leads to being a mom, but we can't have people thinking about THAT.) Silly, silly people.

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