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August 09, 2008



I totally understand your longing for tribe. I am feeling the same thing. Sometimes I even envy the Christians because they have a community through their church. So I am trying to get a circle together to work through the Ninth Wave program. I had eight women who said they wanted to, but three have already changed their mind and we haven't even had a first meeting yet! But hopefully I will have a small circle to grow with. Like you, I am lighting a small fire, and hoping some kindred spirits will find their way to it.


Dawn Earth Daughter

I was moved to tears by this post. It touches deep parts of me, that long to belong.

Like you, I had a glimps of this feeeling few times through my life. But there is no place where I feel at home. I havn't found my tribe yet.

The strongest feeling of togetherness and tribleness (is there such a word?) was in a vision I had while walking in the stone circle of Stanton Drew in England. I lifted my head to see the sun, and suddenly I was a child, and there were warm big hands holding mine from each side, and pulling me in a circle dance to honor the Sun's cycle. I felt my tribe - I saw them dancing infront of me, dancing with me, we were all one with each other and with the Earth and the Sun, and I felt loved and protected. We danced for a while together, me basking in the sense of belonging, but then the vision faded, and I was alone in a deserted stone circle. This was one of the most important experiences of my life.


Thank you for your heartfelt responses! I know that there ARE tribes out there for us all. Lisa, the right women will gravitate to your 9W circle, never fear!


One of the things I miss about the '60's is the sense of tribe, clan, connectedness. We live in a more harsh and "fearful" state now. But it is the the courage and caring of people like you, Lunaea. and others who help keep our sense of tribe, clan and the Hawaiian Aloha, Mahalo, and Ohana (family) alive. So in parting I must wish everybody Aloha and Mahalo. We are Ohana (family) here. Blessings.


Make the circle, and see who enters.

It will change and grow if it is alive.


a funny thing-this morning i unexpectedly made an altar and it unexpectedly was about community.
just had a nudge and followed it.
and stood back in awe and gratitude.
i love how being incarnate beings we can use the physical as mirrors for ourselves.


I find tribe to be a two sided thing. Humans all long for it, and gravitate towards it and yet it always causes division in the sense of "us" and "them"...
I recognise and feel that longing for belonging, and yet never want to be a "member" of any group, but think for myself. I think there's a lot to be said for not needing others to validate your "youness" ... I am my own tribe.


I hear you, Rima, although I want to be a member of YOUR tribe! :-) I don't think anything could ever take away or invalidate my own "me-ness," and indeed, part of the particular flavor of my longing for clan is the feeling of being wholly myself within a creative and active group. I have cozy memory-feelings of doing my own thing in households where others were happily doing their thing, knowing that kindred was nearby if I wanted them. And besides, Rima, don't you and Tui also make a tribe? I am sooo loving your gypsy wagon -- envy!!


Sometimes I get tired of my "me-ness" and it begins to feel like me on the outside of "them." Sometimes I want to feel like a part of "us." That doesn't mean I want to give up my individuality or belong to an exclusive group; it means I want to share things and experiences. I want to connect deeply to other human beings.


Maybe it's like there's "me" and there's "us" and then, rather than "them," there is "all of us" -- just bigger and more encompassing circles...

I completely understand the yearning for tribe, and I think as we age, a sense of community and connection becomes much more important....Or perhaps it's always been important, but we're more willing to embrace it.

There's a lot to be said for building your own family, your own tribe; for making the effort to connect with people who lift you up and inspire you. I freely admit I don't know what I'd do without the people in my life who fulfill that need; my "real family" of course, the family of friends I've created for myself over the years, the artists' groups I belong to - they don't take away my individualism, and they aren't there for validation - they just "get it". They encourage growth. They inspire me. Nothing wrong with that. And sure, as in any family, there's a bit of contention from time to time - but that too pushes us and makes us grow.

I always used to smile when visiting my daughter's college campus (the very green, very hip Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, N.C) and saw these hundreds of young people proclaiming their individuality to the extent that the body art, piercings and dreadlocks became a uniform of sorts, identifying them to their peers. Tribalism to be sure.

We ALL feel the need to connect, to belong....and one of the blessings of age is that we're able to recognize and embrace it. To do as you've said in this post, to gather kindred spirits around us in welcome. What a blessing!


Oops - neglected to sign in on that last comment, and didn't want to leave it there anonymously. :)

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