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April 14, 2008



My old fat cat Toto is what I call a schizo. He hisses at people - because they won't pet him (after he hisses)! So when you do pet him, he will purr and hiss simultaneously. He has only his hiss, never scratching or biting. Wierdo. My 1 yr old (Dobbie) looks/walks/acts like a meercat!


Oh, I love cranky kitties! Many years ago I lived near an old tomcat named Meat (his friend Potatoes was long gone). He used to walk up and down the street muttering to himself just like a crazy old man and hissing at anyone who tried to get close.


How long has Willow been doing that in the bathtub?? I had a cat named Tabitha that spent the summer sitting in the dormer in my bedroom staring at the ceiling. It was eerie!! When the wasps broke through the ceiling by the end of September I finally "knew" what she had known all along.

Mary Walker

I have three cats that have their quirks. One, after 17 years of being very standoffish, has recently decided he wants lots of lap time in the evenings just as I am settled down to needlework or reading. Another likes cellophane and plastic while the third likes to lick the glue off envelopes. I haven't had any success of breaking the latter two of their habits. Can't even hide the stuff because they will find it.


I'm owned by seven cats...and they all have their own way to be weird, but the most funny is Bilou : He can't stop himself from stealing my daughter's tampax tampons, with his paw inside the box; then he takes it with his mouth, and brings it to us. It means we have to through it, he runs after, and brings it back again...This can last a whole hour!


I had a cat that loved to lick photographs! I could never leave any pictures out.
My cat Murphy has to be locked out of the bathroom because he will chew the shower curtain liner!
Strange people who say cats don't have personalities! :)


I have twin brother cats: Mischief & Jester......Jester is my Mr "I'm-Too-Good-For-All-of-You", except when I am doing magic work, as soon as I pull out my supplies he comes running over and watches me. When I do outdoor workings, after I come in he rubs himself all over me and my stuff as if he can't get enough of that magickal energy....I also have a goofy 90 pound "puppy" named Sawyer and his very silly, goofy thing is when my Honey and I are turning in for the night we usually find Sawyer laying on the floor next to the bed. I call to him to leave the room (can't sleep with him, I'm too light a sleeper and he gets up at every little noise)but Sawyer ALWAYS wants to stay with his mommy and daddy so he'll slide just his head under the bed skirt when I tell him it's time to go, leaving the rest of his 90 pound self sticking out. I guess he thinks that if he can't see me, I can't see him. I have to call him him 3 or 4 times and he just keeps laying there quietly as if he's not there. After about the 4th time he peeks his head out and looks at me like "oh crap, you see me" then he slooooowly gets up and slooooooowly walks towards the door and just before he walks out he always give my Honey one last, sad, sappy look like "you're not really going to let her put me out are you daddy?"...this goes on every night...too cute....thanks for letting me share.


My cat Fergus is pretty normal, he loves the dogs, especially the oldest and biggest dog Barlow. They lie together and sit side by side like old men. When I had birds, I used to worry about Fergus getting at them, but one night when I was typing away on the computer, I heard Doris the parakeet chirping loudly. I was enjoying it until I realized that it was midnight and she should be asleep - and the chirping was not coming from her cage. Low and behold, she was sitting with Fergus at the front screen door enjoying the summer evening. Fegus was sitting up and Doris was perched on the spring at the bottom of the door beside him - both looking outside. What a hoot!

jennifer b

My dog, Ginger, has recently learned to give hugs. When I go outside to see her in the mornings, she waits for me to sit on the top step of the covered porch. As soon as I sit down, she puts both front legs across my shoulders and snuggles her face against mine, her tail wagging like mad the whole time. She's a sweetie!
I also have a house sparrow who lives inside. He was a tiny unfeathered baby last year, rescued from a parking lot. I hand fed him, and as he grew older and fledged he would go outside during the day and hang out in a huge old magnolia tree. Every evening when we got home from work he would come down, land on our shoulders, and ride back into the house! (He wanted to spend the night INSIDE!) He had to quit going out at night when it got cold this winter. Now that spring is here we're going to start taking him out again. He is a friendly, confiding little guy that loves to perch on my shoulder and preen my hair. He loves whole wheat toast and oatmeal, and he perches on our chairs at breakfast and demands bites :) I imagine he may leave for good this summer, as he is a fully grown bird, but that is entirely up to him. I've rescued lots of wild birds, and some have even stayed around for a few weeks, but "Chip" is the first one that has ever chosen to stay around for a whole year!

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