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  • Why is this a blogue, not a blog? It’s just an old-fashioned touch that harkens back to less-hurried (and harried) times, when a letter took a while to get delivered, and a reply took a while longer. When books were savored for their precious rarity. When news came in slowly for the most part and could be thoughtfully considered. A rapid-fire flow of constant info-junk tends to make me twitchy. When you visit my blogue, I invite you to take a nice deep breath, absorb things a little at a time, wander in a serendipitous fashion, and generally remember that even in the ultra-speedy world of the Internet, you control the pace of your life.

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December 31, 2007


Lisa Dunn

What a wonderful tradition! I celebrated the New Year coming in with my husband and my best friend. We each pulled a word, and my word was health. :o)


I chose the word "gentle". I did not pull it (but would love to do that next year). I have become aware of how harsh I am on myself over past behaviour, regrets, and anything else one can think of.
So, while engaged in the work of "purification and healing" the word "gentle" came to mind - not once, but over and over.
Obviously this was a message from the Goddess. Gentle is my word for the coming year.
Thanks for reinforcing this message through your post.


My mother had this tradition at midnight. Say it while doing it:

Open the backdoor and let the old year out.
Say out with the bad with a mighty shout!
Open the front door and let the new year in.
Let good health, wealth and happiness begin!


I just discovered your blog and I am so glad I did, I really feel that you have so much wisdom and experience in questions of the soul and spirit. Today, I printed out the words on your list and cut them into strips. I placed the strips into a container and drew one to be my power word for the remainder of this year. The word I drew was "spirit", and I do not think this was merely a coincidence, as I am currently questing for a greater understanding of this. Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing so many wonderful and powerful and affirming thoughts and ideas!


Thank you for the lovely comment, Melissa! And what a great word to get for the rest of the year. My year words for 2010 are partnership, solitude, and trust, and they are all manifesting in mysterious ways. Blessings!

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