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  • Why is this a blogue, not a blog? It’s just an old-fashioned touch that harkens back to less-hurried (and harried) times, when a letter took a while to get delivered, and a reply took a while longer. When books were savored for their precious rarity. When news came in slowly for the most part and could be thoughtfully considered. A rapid-fire flow of constant info-junk tends to make me twitchy. When you visit my blogue, I invite you to take a nice deep breath, absorb things a little at a time, wander in a serendipitous fashion, and generally remember that even in the ultra-speedy world of the Internet, you control the pace of your life.

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November 08, 2007


Sacred Suzie

Beautiful! And powerful idea, I really love it. I personally prefer henna tattoos. I am always changing and love that the symbols can change and evolve with me. I had never thought of using it for magickal purposes before! Wonderful.

Recently I made myself (normally I make items for other people) a pendant that honours the arbutus tree. Next I have to completely the necklace. I'm thrilled with the results. You can see it on my blog if you'd like!


ive always wanted to get henna. it is so magical, as are permanent tattoos. i have 5 and they all have very special meaning to me especially since they are all orginal designs by me. my masterpiece on my back is so powerful, its my tattoo that is all about me and my place in the cosmos. i still have to get it in colored in, i cant wait! my next tattoo is going to be a design of a butterfly (kind cheesy and played out i know but i will give it class :P) behind my right ear, just for cutsies! lol


I love the henna. I think it's so fun to be able to change up your designs and not have to stick to one thing for too long. Very spiritual too.

How wonderful for the Sisterhood! Congrats to the new priestesses!
Thanks for writing about and showing your mendhi experience.
I am inspired to do some on myself. (Now to get my hands on materials) And in planning, I realized what a great way to connect with and encourage healthy flow in my meridians, especially on my lower legs.
And to celebrate and acknowledge my hands and their gifts and the changes that have occurred in them.
I must be ready to have hear that deeper call and power of the ornamental when I read this. I never was before and it was just oh, cool, and it was suppose to do something for me-how passive of me. So thank you.

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