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October 25, 2007



Thanks for sharing. I should have remembered it was a full moon. I had some weird dream about a singer, not sure if I was the singer or not. then I saw a beautiful young black woman wearing a robe that was open so you could see her body. she was singing "logon to your life or login to your life" It was so weird. It was in a room full of people but I did not really recognize anyone.

Anyway that was my full moon dream.



I tried and tried to catch a Full Moon Dream, but couldn't . . . quite . . . catch it. I'll just bathe in the beauty of yours.

Sacred Suzie

You dreams are absolutely amazing! I used to dream like that before I got fibromyalgia.

I haven't slept in days, the full moon always infuses me with so much energy I can't sleep. I'm a new moon dreamer I guess.


Most of my dreams are not so fabulous! Although I am somewhat notorious for having celebrity dreams, full of famous people, though they don't usually appear as themselves, but as characters and archetypes. This is very nice when it's, say, George Clooney, and very odd when it's someone like George Burns. :-)


I love that the brillance of the moon shone so well on a powerful message to you.
Mine was simple and succinct; I was with a group of friends and we were holding our kayaks, all standing about thigh high in a tropical river near a well known (in my dream, in RL I have no clue what or where it was)getaway, owned and operated by native folk. Our guide was telling us that, yes we could indeed kayak up river, but we could either take a day or two to get to where we wanted to be on the river, or portage up around and through the luxury hotel lobby to the short cut.
I took off, running happily for the short cut, up the path, out of the forest up the stroll to the front doors, which were opened for me by two lovely native men, I ran through the lobby and out the other doors, also opened for me by two lovely native men (one of which handed me purple beach towel as I passed) still running down a short way to the short cut...which was a cliff over looking the river, which was hundreds of feet below. I remember thinking as I launched myself into the air, " the river looks like a postage stamp from here; I better get waaaay out into the middle to be sure I land in enough water."
I managed to arc myself well out into the middle and begin to fall toward the water. Pointing my toes, I sliced through the water deeply, all the way to the bottom with my beach towel flying up next to me. I dropped through the water so fast there was a channel between me and the towel which allowed me to grab another breath of air from all the bubbles and as I pushed from the bottom of the river and began to rise through the cool green, I knew I would have no problem getting back up to air.
I loved this dream and I was so immersed in it, no pun intended, really!, that I felt like I was sleep walking for almost an hour after getting out of bed.
I recognized immediately the import of the dream and the little nuances are still tickling me throughout my day.



I came into my classroom and noticed Buster the Bunny (our class pet) was hopping around. I scooped him up and went to put him in his cage when, lo and behold, there were already two bunnies in there! I felt overwhelmed, and worried: I didn't know if they were boys or girls, and I sure didn't want to end up with MORE bunnies!

Guess my life is a little busy right now!


Ooooh, Aurora, if I had had that bunny dream back in my fertile days, I'd have paid extra-good attention to my contraception efforts for a while! ;-)

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