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  • Why is this a blogue, not a blog? It’s just an old-fashioned touch that harkens back to less-hurried (and harried) times, when a letter took a while to get delivered, and a reply took a while longer. When books were savored for their precious rarity. When news came in slowly for the most part and could be thoughtfully considered. A rapid-fire flow of constant info-junk tends to make me twitchy. When you visit my blogue, I invite you to take a nice deep breath, absorb things a little at a time, wander in a serendipitous fashion, and generally remember that even in the ultra-speedy world of the Internet, you control the pace of your life.

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August 07, 2007



Get yourself a Welsh Corgi! They are the best dogs ever! They are brilliant and hilarious and an absolute joy to have around. My dog got along great with my cats, he was cool with going for walks or being lazy, he was the perfect size...small enough to not hog up the entire couch but large enough that I didn't worry about squishing him. They were a gift to the Welsh from the fairies...you probably already know that...and they do have a touch of the fey about them. And due to their unusual shape, pretty much everything they do is amusing. I have known several and though mine was the most amazing dog I have ever known all of them were brave and funny and extremely smart. If Corgis call to you I think you should invite one into your life. Of course you could end up like the Queen of England and have a pack of them underfoot...not that that's a bad thing.


Hey Sparky! I would love to get a corgi now, or a queenly pack of corgis, but it truly would break my cat Kaga's heart. He is gracious enough to share me with his two siblings, but a dog would just be way too much. Someday, when these three have had a very long and happy life, perhaps.... I trust that MY corgi will be available then!


I think it's important that friends don't allow friends to live in denial. So, in the spirit of being the best friend I possibly can, I'd like to point out that while you might not be interested in correct "anyone's" mail, you have corrected mine on more than one occasion. :)


Thanks, Wendy! It's a great feeling to know I have such wonderful friends. :-D

I'm a huge Whedon fan too! And that book is great.

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