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  • Why is this a blogue, not a blog? It’s just an old-fashioned touch that harkens back to less-hurried (and harried) times, when a letter took a while to get delivered, and a reply took a while longer. When books were savored for their precious rarity. When news came in slowly for the most part and could be thoughtfully considered. A rapid-fire flow of constant info-junk tends to make me twitchy. When you visit my blogue, I invite you to take a nice deep breath, absorb things a little at a time, wander in a serendipitous fashion, and generally remember that even in the ultra-speedy world of the Internet, you control the pace of your life.

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June 14, 2007



Ah, now you've done it!!! Tempting me with Beautiful Things to Buy. I feel like rushing off to buy Wahaba's Wheel of the Year flags and also the mermaid/dolphin one. !!!


Oh, there will be MANY such temptations in this blogue, be forewarned!

Berthe van Soest

Congratulations with your blog. It looks wonderful. And a lovely post about the flag.

Berthe van Soest


My banner would scream "this is MY life, keep your rules and judgement out of it!"
And of course, it would have pretty colors. :)


Yay! Welcome to Blogue-land Lunaea! My freak-flag would definitely be freaky, I'll have to think about what it would show or say...


I have many flags, flags I collected when my children were small. An example being the "Back to School Flag", which they dutifully stood beneath for the annual September photo, 1st with lunch boxes and hopeful smiles, which made way to backpacks and grimaces and take the damn picture mom memories. But my all-time favorite is my flag with the ruby red slippers and "There is no place like home" emblazoned at the top.


Welcome to Pagan Blogistan! I've added you to my blogroll.


I love the Welsh flag I bought on a trip to Wales: green and white with a big red dragon in the middle. It reminds me of my Welsh ancestry, but it's fun to think of what I would create for myself.
I also love voodoo flags, made with traditional designs to invoke the loas and embellished with sequins and pearls.


'tis the June new moon. Shortly the summer solstice will be upon us. What a glorious time this is with the abundance of greening, the song of mating birds--those are the flags of my heart just now.

Great blogue Lunaea! Wonderful!

Bright Blessings,


Thanks for all the great comments, everyone! I'm envisioning your brilliant flags flying high!

Cate (KerrdeLune)

So happy you have started "At Bridget's Forge", Lunaea, and I shall be visiting often! Brightest blessings, Cate

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